Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Getting your roof coated and cleaned

Having someone come to your house and clean your roof tiles is a great idea. Most of us never even think about having this job carried out. Our roofs get rain all the time and it is the one part of the home which is completely open to the elements. This completely changes the colour of the roof from a red or orange to a murky grey.

This is not a job you should attempt to do yourself because it is dangerous. Get a professional company in who have the proper cleaning equipment and exercise the correct safety precautions. I live in the north west of the UK so I just typed into Google roof cleaning Cheshire and soon found a good company.

They don’t just clean your roof. It is also important to get them to treat it with a sealant. This coats the tiles and protects them from the elements in future. I also stops dirty sticking to them so that they don’t loose their colour again. You house will look like new again if you decide to get this job done.

My advice is to get a few different prices as they can vary quite a bit. Just be sure that they are all quoting for the same thing as there is no point cleaning the roof only to ignore the coating part. In the long run getting the sealant applied will save you money as they are supposed to last for many years. They do sell a water based paving sealer too.

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