Sunday, 10 August 2014

Best way to approach decorating a nursing home

I was recently asked by my friend about the best way of decorating his proposed new nursing home. After some discussion I decided that comfort should come first, followed by an appearance which made residents feel "homely".

Basically the actual design is less important for a care home because the idea is to make someone feel comfortable first and foremost. After browsing online for a while I found a home which I think illustrates this well.

Agnes and Arthur Care Home is a fairly new nursing home which has put comfort first. They have been able to sneak in contemporary touches by using colour and character. It looks like they have wisely kept the actual bedroom nice and simple.

Click on any of the images above to enlarge them. For me this is the perfect way to decorate a nursing home because there is enough colour to keep things vibrant without things looks old fashioned and tacky. I like the way there is a living room and bedroom with darker chairs which men may prefer.